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Clipping path

Clipimage India offer all sorts of clipping path services at the best price to remove background from pictures to multi path for color correction. We deliver perfect image cutout results every single time. We ensure producing 100% handmade clipping path using the Pen Tool in Photoshop.

Image masking

Image masking service is preferred as the ideal method of separating complicated hair-like area on the object from the background when clipping path is not sufficient. Clipimage India uses the latest hair masking technique to remove background from fuzzy-looking hair, skin or fur without missing out on tiny detail.

Drop shadow

Our experts can add natural shadow on objects under any lighting condition, whether it is product photos or model photography images having shadows or not. We retain original shadows of the object while enriching it to stand out amidst the background.

Mirror effect

Clipimage India experts utilize modern methods to perform reflection shadow service on any photograph. A reflection shadow or mirror effect is a way to grab attention and bring professional look on a product image. It creates an effect as if the object casts a shadow or reflection on a clean glass-like surface.

Image manipulation

Our image manipulation service is not only mannequin editing and product retouching, but also for replacing background, adding or removing objects, mixing and matching pictures and more. Our expert graphic designers recreate images to give the picture a complete new look too.


We offer advanced photo retouching service which delivers flawless images. Our highly trained photo retouch experts can effectively remove spots or blemishes and retouch product photos to eliminate the slightest scratches and marks.

Image optimization

Clipimage India is one-stop source for all your e-commerce photo editing needs. Our services include setting up white background for pictures, image cropping, resizing, aligning, straightening, background removal and saving images for web.

Vector Conversion

Raster images are generally made of pixels or dots with poor color quality, whereas vector conversion service turns them into high-quality vector graphics which can be reproduced in various sizes. Clipimage India ensures 100% handcrafted vector conversion using the Illustrator Pen Tool.

Digital Production Simplified

At Clipimage India, we are always up to challenge on image processing solution tailored to your business needs.
Whether it’s large volume or just a few, our customer service is always eager to offer you good deals.

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Happy client is very important to us. We take great care of the revisions if the client doesn’t find the output satisfactory.

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